Supreme Sikh Society Today Ice Cream distributed at Rosehill Intermediate School at Rosehill. 480 Kidz given 1kg Ice Cream box each. 480 kg Ice Cream given to Kidz by Dalvir Singh Lasara & Uttam Sharma from Supreme Sikh Society of NZ (Takanini Gurdawara).
Following are some highlights
Rosehill School Management sent text messages on mobile phones to all the parents of school children stating that ‘Takanini Sikh Temple’ is distributing 1 kg each ice cream for all the Kids.
Imagine how many Communities got to know about us.
We saw children so excited to receive it. Principal of School herself felt proud to distribute with us.
Very disciplined school children. It felt like children got free ice cream in school first time ever.
At least half a kilometer queue of all the children . Approx 480 children holding Ice cream and saying thanks
It was like thanking ‘WaheGuru’ ….. With whose Blessings this kind of sewa is being bestowed to everyone beyond religion and race boundaries????