Community Had a meeting with ACT Leader Hon David Seymour yesterday in parliament on Immigration, Housing, Law and Order, Justice and many other community issues so these concerns can be outlined in ACT manifesto.
They raised the issue pertaining to 10 years Visitor Visa for parents and logically win win situation for communities and the government where sponsors can invite their parents to live with them on temporary visa for longer period without requiring to leave the country (will also continue to fight to increase numbers under the current parent residence visa policy) but in return every applicant requires to buy medical insurance so no burden to tax payer and while parents spending time with their grandchildren the sponsor and partner both will work and financially support the family and both will pay tax and parents also no burden to taxpayers.
2. Overstayers: Open amnesty to people without visa. Hon Minister keep saying he need to weight that those left the country to obey the INZ requirements and those breached the conditions and still are here in NZ. Minister failed to understand its 22 years since immigration reset and if anyone again breached the conditions will think twice to wait another 22 years to get chance. Also while under accreditation and recovery visa many people coming to NZ on work visa which is helping in employment for jobs such as cleaning, farming etc. However these overstayers had experience in many skilled jobs such as Class 5 Driver, driving diggers, heavy machinery, carpenters etc. But still not given the chance and continuous lateness of this decision makes them vulnerable to exploitation – getting paid less and tax loss which financially isnt helping the country as well. Various other policies where INZ policy makers not giving right advice to the government. Hon David Seymour was not only sympathetic but also very supportive to raise these issues and promised to bring these up.
The meeting was attended by
The Network
1. New Zealand Chinese Association
2. New Zealand Indian Central Association
3. NZ Central Sikh Association of NZ
4. New Zealand Jewish Council.
5. Federation of Islamic Associations of NZ